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We two Hungarian engineers who travel lots. In Miami celebrating 15th wedding anniversary a Roomorama nightmare.

Host or Florida Luxury Vacation Rentals promised wonderful things. We followed instructions carefully, phoned, drove to accommodation, but could not get into the room. When we did, it was unbelievably dirty. Crumbs, hair, cockroaches.

Days later they moved us. All rooms had internal connecting doors. Lights shone under doors and much loud noise.

A Russian prostitution service was operating from one side! Manager John would not meet with us, but bullied, threatened to report us to Homeland Security for complaining, and put us on the no-fly list!

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Szia! I'm so sorry that you had this experience on your trip here - I hope that you learned that not all Americans are such jerks!

I sure wish I had read your post before we booked! We also booked a room with Jon from Florida Luxury Vacation Rentals. We talked to him on the phone - just like you did - and we were let into our room by housekeeping. We politely asked her to show us the kayaks and the hot tub that were listed in the description of the apartment.

She said that there were no kayaks and that the hot tub was broken. We wanted to watch the world cup games and asked her to show us how to work the TV - it too was broken! We asked her if she could contact Jon to figure out a solution and he called us and said he was canceling our reservation! When we asked if he was going to move us somewhere else, he said that he could tell that we wouldn't be happy anywhere he put us and he suggested we look for another place on our own!

We have two small children who were tired from a 5+ hour drive and were hungry, so this was not a good situation to be put in. We are seasoned travelers and have been all over Europe, the US, and Central America and we have never experienced anything like this! We called and wrote Roomorama but got no response.

We are waiting to see now what will happen with our CC charges but one thing is for sure - we will never use Roomorama again.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #809020

We listed our very unique dome home (a Yaca-Dome in Pittsburgh, PA) on Roomorama last year. We did accept a Roomorama booking for the home that summer, but when the guest experienced issues with the booking/payment process it was impossible to reach anyone at Roomorama.

The guest finally ended up paying us directly in cash. Even though we will NEVER again accept a booking thru the Roomorama website, I've left the listing up, since guests who initially find it there often Google the home and find that it's also posted on Airbnb, Trip Advisor, and FlipKey... and we are more than happy to accept bookings from those sites.

Because of this issue, I did add the following statement to our Roomorama listing (and I'm wondering if the Roomorama staff will eventually see it and delete our lisiting!

8) ):

PLEASE NOTE: Until Roomorama begins to provide a way to contact their customer service staff, we are unable to consider accepting bookings thru this website. Before booking a stay at any Roomorama property, we suggest you first try contacting Roomorama's customer service staff. We've tried numerous time, and our experience leads us to believe there is no customer support available... no one ever answered the phone, the live chat was never available, and the only email response we ever got was of the generic "form letter" variety.

Consider yourself warned... if you can't reach anyone at Roomorama before you book, do you think that will change once you've booked and then have a problem?

to pghigloo Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #931513

Good advice!

Thanks and good luck to you


Homeland security would laugh in his face,so do not worry about his threats.Call the police about the prosition and watch his butt get busted.

to the real me #794051

Thanks for your comment, RealMe. I posted the story for the abused tourists, who will never go back to Miami.

People like this John guy/ don't realize how the damage the economy. Florida depends on tourism.

They will tell 10 people, who will tell 10 people and in the end, Miami gets a bad name because of one *** ***.


to GaleForce Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #931514

You get that right!

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